Breaking Down The Bottle: #1 Côtes Du Rhône

This is a test. A test of your fortitude and interest in learning about wine, ahahaha. Just kidding. Sort of. I thought it was would fun and interesting to break down different wines as I drink them. Also I’m assuming since you’re reading this you’re interested in learning more about wine. If you happen to […]

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Deductive Tasting Practice #1 Bedell Cabernet Franc

Jen practicing the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Deductive Tasting Method on Bedell Cabernet Franc.

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intro sommelier exam

All About The Intro Sommelier Exam

This is an account of my recent experience attending the Court of Master Sommelier’s Intro Sommelier Exam at the Finger Lakes Culinary and Wine Center in Canandaigua, NY.  I break down the experience, what you can expect and some tips in preparation for the class if you are interested in taking it in the future.  […]

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