Weekly Wine Sips 41

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Weekly Wine Sips 41

Weekly Wine Sips 41

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Spring has been peeking out here and there (despite the foot of snow I shoveled off the driveway this morning) and it’s been so serene and beautiful at the winery. Can’t go wrong with 60 at work, with a beautiful view. Also, all by myself, love the quiet. So peaceful.


I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the wines from our tastings (um I mean storage, not whether I should drink them.) They are currently sitting on our dining room table still, I’ve also been contemplating the best occasions and when I want to share them with people. We found some pretty special wines, at least in my opinion.



 B.E.V. NY conference and symposium  at Cornell



Value Regions & Wines to Try!

A list to start your spanish wine cellar.



Did You Know?

Learn more about wine bottles



Wine & Travel

Videos of South African Vintage



Wine & Food Pairings (recipes and suggestions)

Alasace Varieties and BBQ



Social Media Recommendations

Wine Moms?


Jame’s Conway’s book “Napa At First Light”, a critique of Napa Wine industry



What I’m drinking this week?

Just some table wines. Nothing fabulous, just delicious.

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