Weekly Wine Sips 43

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Topics are all over the place this week.  Just like my attention span. It’s been a week of clearing out bottles I don’t really want to drink, half consumed or that were for learning new wine regions. Although the sauvignon blanc is still mocking me in my fridge ( I haven’t learned to appreciate it yet).


I think have an adult woman crush on Nova Cadamatre.  It’s really impressive what’s she has accomplished so far and I’m really enjoying reading all the press that has been published recently about her. I linked a recent article below about why she chose to relocate back to the Finger Lakes.


Like anyone else in a northern climate, I’m over this snow. Although I was celebrating the 60 days a few weeks ago, I guess the snow/cold is good for the grapes even if I prefer sun. Bleeeech. Mother nature has been quite obnoxious this march. See below for how global warming is affecting winemaking.


Wine Geeking

Using Data Science to Understand What Makes Wine Taste Good (This is a tutorial, it has interesting implications although a bit simplistic to actually be effective since wine has so many subjective qualities. Hmm. If I have any spare time I may fool around with this one)



Winegrape Phenology and Ripening Dynamics (this is a great science blog btw)



Future of Wine

Turkey faces a turning point in their wine production



What’s happening with the wine industry in the US?



Global Warming From a Winemaker’s Perspective (plus a ginger sesame meatball recipe)



M Chapoutier is da bomb  (  I think you can sense how I feel about his wines : ))))



Another Article on Nova Cadamatre


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