Weekly Wine Sips Week 46

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I’m really excited to read some new books and dig into some existing ones (and yes ahem they’re related to winemaking) One early birthday present from my parents was  The Dirty Guide to Wine by Alice Feiring with Pascaline Lepeltier. It starts with a really cool bedrock map of the world, I love visuals! I’m excited to start reading it but right now I’ve been reading very dry  wine chemistry texts to prep myself for the upcoming harvest season.

I  mention The Dirty Guide to Wine (not only because I’ve heard it’s awesome book) but  because Alice Feiring and Pascaline Lepeltier are both known for their staunch advocacy for natural wines. Here is a little info about The Feiring Line https://thefeiringline.com/about/ edited by both Feiring and Lepeltier.   

It seems there are many more wineries that are using organic or sustainable methods in their vineyards than necessarily natural methods in their wines. I don’t really want to get into the definition of organic farming because it really depends on whose definition you are using  but I’d say it embodies minimal intervention including little to preferably no use of pesticides and herbicides.

There are definitely wineries in the Finger Lakes that are using native yeasts (which is often considered part of natural winemaking) for their fermentations: Herman Wiemer, Forge Cellars, Bloomer Creek just to name a couple off the top of my head.  Native yeast fermentation is the original fermentation method used to make wines before commercial yeasts were cultivated.

Wild Yeasts, part of terroir or not?



The upsides of wild yeasts (paywall, but winesandvines is great for industry info and wine geek reading!)


What is biodynamics? In my opinion it is taking sustainable organic methods and incorporating specific practices which go beyond that. It’s an method began with the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamics uses a holistic approach toward agriculture and farmers work in concert with the rhythms of the Earth. Here’s a broader perspective on biodynamics https://www.biodynamics.com/biodynamic-principles-and-practices

Biodynamics Usage in Vineyards. https://blog.bbr.com/2018/04/06/lunar-cy-the-increasing-obsession-with-biodynamics/

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