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Winesterr is the brainchild of Jen Neubauer.

My goal is to help more wine drinkers feel confident answering “what wine should I drink tonight?” while feeling comfortable and confident in their wine choices. 

I’m here for the curious wine drinkers to help you enjoy and explore the world of wine further through personal experimentation in drinking, cooking, travel and questioning the accepted norms in the wine world. I love the poetry of wine tasting notes, but as a visual and kinesthetic learner, my long term goal (as I gain more education and experience) is to find different educational and presentation methods to reach more people in different wines and also make learning about wine more accessible. 

I am new to the professional world of wine, despite having casually participated in it  and living in the Finger Lakes Region for the majority of my life. I am just now beginning the journey of accreditation . I passed the Intro Sommelier Class and exam in October and I’m planning on continuing with formal certifications, although I’m not sure which I will pursue next.  I also just started working part time in a winery assisting the winemaker with cellar tasks and routine lab tests. It’s awesome!

My hope is that I can parse the knowledge I gain into accessible, helpful forms for others interested in learning more, experimenting or just trying a new wine out of their comfort zone.

This goal gives me license to write and explore  anything remotely related to wine (food, history, production, travel) but the overall intent of Winesterr is always to help people realize the answer to the question, ‘what should I drink tonight?” and feel comfortable with their choice no matter what is trending, ‘good’, price point or where it’s made.

All views are my own and any critiques I make are with the goal of making the wine world more accessible and relatable. If I can do that, we all win(E).


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